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InterContinental Finance & Law only run two award campaigns per year. It takes a long time to carry out the appropriate due diligence required.

Firms awarded are the ones we consider to have outshone all the others in that category. We will not automatically award a firm based on the amount of offices or the number of employees. We are not even overly impressed by the fact that they may offer a multi-disciplined service. InterContinental Finance & Law award based on BEST specialist advice to clients.

One highly trained and dedicated individual can offer a far better service than a larger firm that employ number crunchers.

Our awards are split into two categories, Country and Global.

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Country Awards

Being recognised as the BEST IN YOUR COUNTRY is a fantastic honour.

An InterContinental Finance & Law award enables clients to clearly identify those specialist firms that offer sound, professional advise and the security this reflects. Recognised firms are considered the BEST IN THAT COUNTRY.

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Global Awards

Often the reserve of larger global firms, the InterContinental Finance & Law Global Awards are very different. We recognise smaller, specialist firms who offer a service that far outshines the larger, less personal law firms.

We are not interested in firms that secure work just because they have the resources to cope. We recognise niche, personal, yet professional firms that offer and obviously cope with larger tasks but at the same time care about the individuals they are dealing with.

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